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Monday, January 3, 2011

Spam in 2010

A lot of things happened with my blogs over the past year.  All in all I am quite pleased with their development and my refinement as a blogger.  As my blogs have become more popular the main thing I have fought with in 2010 is comment spam.  I've posted here a few times how I'm getting tougher on comment spammers.  There's nothing like starting a blogging day off on a bad note than having to deal with comment spam!  I've gone from giving comment spammers the benefit of a doubt if borderline to stripping their spammed urls.  Despite doing this to discourage the spam, I still managed to pick up a rather persistent spammer on one of my blogs.  His spam messages now get flagged in Blogger then deleted so at some point it should click in that he is wasting his efforts are wasted.

Now that we are into 2011, I am continuing my efforts to curb comment spam.  Short of disabling comments though, I honestly haven't found a way of preventing comment spam.  One can only hope though.  One of my blogging goals in 2011 is not allowing any comment spam to get through!


Ben said...

My response to spam was to set up spamcomment.com, which is going quite well so far. It hasn't been found by a lot of people yet, but I'm hoping to change that as the year goes by.

I don't know what Blogger's anti-spam controls, but on WordPress, Akismet is pretty good. At any rate, I'd be happy to have share any weird or funny spam you get, if you want to send it over :)

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