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Monday, June 7, 2010

At the Mercy of Your Blogging Host

Most blogs are hosted by a blog host or they may be published to your own domain using the blog host service.  Unless you own your own domain the cost of blogging is free whether you are hosting it on their domain (eg. Blogger, Wordpress) or using their services to ftp to your domain.  The service is free.  Like all computer related activities, blog hosts are subject to unexpected and expected down time because let's face it the unexpected in computing happens and the expected happens to help prevent the unexpected.  Yet despite the fact that these services are all free the number of bloggers that complain about any glitches or downtime astounds me. 

I've been with Blogger since I started blogging in 2006.  One deciding factor for going with Blogger is it is owned by Google so the chances of it simply disappearing is pretty low.  Besides I liked the user friendly features it offered.  My only problem with Blogger occurred the first year of blogging when a glitch in the spam software branded at that time 3 of my blogs as being spam blogs but at the same time a lot of other blogs were flagged by the same glitch.  It took about 4 days to get my blogs unlocked and there have been no major problems since then.  Occasionally Blogger has a little hiccup where one feature may not be working properly but for the most part these only result in a posting delay of a few minutes to an hour which has almost no effect if you are using scheduling. 

The reality is you are at the mercy of your blogging host.  If they go down for any reason your blog will more than likely be down at some level ranging from ability to post to blog not loading.  These things happen.  As a blogger you have to realize that.  Yes it is annoying when they happen but it is even more annoying for those working on fixing the problem.  So take a deep breath then continue blogging offline lining up posts to schedule when your blog host comes back up or take a complete break from the computer to gain a new perspective while your blog host is down.  At any rate know that any down time will likely be relatively short and you will be back blogging in no time.


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