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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Blog Contests

I have noticed that there are two types of blog contests. Both types of contests are a form of promotion will drive traffic to the blog. The first one is where the author of the blog gives a prize to one or more of their readers. For example the top commenter for that month gets free advertising for a month. Some bloggers get quite creative with their prize give-aways. The second type of contest is where a blogger enters their blog to win a prize and recognition. There may or may not be some type qualifying event prior to the actual contest. In this case the blogger must complete one or more tasks and blog about them. These tasks are awarded points from a panel of judges who eventually determine the winner and runner-up. There may even be a third place winner and honourable mention.

I have run a contest on any of my blogs however I am considering running one for my cooking blog shortly. I also have not up to now competed in any blog competitions. However, that changed with entering my cooking blog into one contest. My cooking blog is also being considered for a second contest. Just in case you are wondering whether entering your blog in contests is worth your while, the contest I am already entered in has a first prize of $10,000. This should be an interesting experience so stay tuned!


Gee said...

Wow! $10,000? Quite an interesting contest, I guess.

Garden Gnome said...

I think it will be :) At least one lucky blogger will be taking home $10,000 not to mention the blog promotion they will get.

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