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Monday, June 21, 2010

Blogger's Pages

A couple of months ago I noticed that Blogger introduced pages but I didn't check it out because quite frankly I was too busy blogging.  Well a few days ago I was setting up a new blog for our vacation home.  This blog is by invite only and since I was starting from scratch I decided to try the pages feature.  Now this really is slick!  What it allows you to do is create a page with whatever content you want that is separate from posts and shows as links above your posts or in your sidebar wherever you choose to put it.  On first look this doesn't seem like a lot but what it has the potential to do is take a fair amount of information on your blog main loading page, put it onto individual pages with separate links to that information ultimately reducing the main blog landing page loading time.  That means that information such as your privacy policy does not have to load when your page loads. 

I seriously had a lot of fun setting up the new blog.  It is up and running but still needs a fair amount of work.  The pages feature allowed me to set up a couple of photo gallery style pages where the tab can be clicked on if desired but because they don't automatically load the load time for this blog will be greatly reduced.  I was so impressed with the pages feature I started using it on my cooking blog.  From what I have seen so far though the pages features works better with some blog designs/niches than others so at the moment it won't be a feature I will be applying to all of my blogs. That's not to say you can't use it only that I won't be using it on some of my blogs.

Using the pages feature is as simple as clicking on the tab in the editor.  Click edit pages then either add new or edit an existing page.  Each page can have text, graphics, html and java script.  It can be edited and re-edited as you choose simply by clicking the publish button.  Now I did notice that it takes a bit longer to publish pages as opposed to normal posts but that could be my internet connection.   Other than that it is like writing a souped up blog post!


Emm said...

Hiya, what did you mean by "but because they don't automatically load the load time for this blog will be greatly reduced"?

Garden Gnome said...

Hi Emm, the pages have content but only the tab graphic with link loads on the main page not the content. Moving content from the main page to the tabbed pages will make the main page load quicker depending on what content is moved. For example if your blog is graphic intensive which mine tend to be, some of those graphics could be moved to a photo gallery page which would free up the main page loading because the graphics are no longer there.

Emm said...

Oh right! I think I understand as I was considering putting my blogroll on to a separate page. I don't suppose you know of a way to put that fancy updating sidebare blogroll code into a page?

Phyl/kashicat said...

This has always been one of the reasons I had disliked Blogger (where I originally started blogging) and why I loved WordPress so much. I still have many reasons for preferring WP, but this sounds like a great step for Blogger! It adds so much versatility to how you can put the blog together, and how you categorize things. I'm so glad Blogger added this for you, hurray!

Garden Gnome said...

Hi Phyl :) Blogger keeps adding features which is nice. They've added the ability to backup blogs as well.

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