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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Copyright Mark

I have been using a copyright mark on all of my blog posts. My blogs tend to be graphic intensive using digital images I have personally taken or graphics I have personally made.  I used a custom make brush in Photoshop® to stamp © Garden Gnome on all of my images and graphics.  During my latest overhaul of my cooking blog I decided to get a bit more specific with my copyright stamp by creating new brushes for each of my blogs that say © url of my blog.  It means changing brushes when getting several images ready at one time but in the end I think it will look a bit more professional.  This seems to be a growing blogging trend as well.  The marking is prominent enough to reduce copyright infringement.  Another growing trend is more prominent © markings that span a good portion of the image.  I personally don't like this method even though it is likely rather more effective at helping to curb copyright infringement.  At any rate I've discovered that there are many ways of dealing with the copyright mark.


Emm said...

I think I am going to start putting the full URL in the watermark of my photos too. Windows Live Writer can help you automatically put a watermark on each of your photos and upload them at a specified size. It saves me loads of time as I just make a copy of my travel photos, touch them up slightly and reduce them in size to 1024x768, but then WLW does all the rest of the work. It watermarks them all, uploads them to Picasa, links the newly resized photo to the original in Picasa and puts my favourite border on them too.

Garden Gnome said...

Hi Emm, I think using the full URL as the copyright is a bit more effective. I haven't worked with WLW. I use Photoshop CS (for Mac) to do all the photo editing then resize to 640 x 480 and optimize for faster loading. WLW sounds like there is a lot less work to do with the photo. Sometimes getting the photos ready is more work than the actual writing of the post.

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