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Friday, June 18, 2010

How Often Should You Change Your Blog Design?

I have changed 5 of my 6 blogs designs since their inception but all are based on Blogger's template 'Rounders'.  The key question becomes is how often should you dramatically change your blog design?  In some respects your design is part of your branding so dramatic changes to your design can actually be detrimental.  However, small tweaks done heading towards the end design in mind can be effective providing you don't make too many changes in rapid succession.  These types of changes do affect your Page Rank.

I am constantly tweaking my blogs but some of those changes aren't apparent.  About every six months I get the urge to do a complete overhaul of one or more of my blogs designs.  It's about time for a good overhaul on some elements of some of my blogs so I'll see where it goes from there.  I don't know whether I will follow through with a complete overhaul for a couple of them and perhaps it is best if I didn't but that thinking might change.


Lynda said...

I change my blog design pretty frequently and I'm constantly tweaking it. I'm never happy with a design and I really hate to use templates, the more popular, the more I hate them.

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