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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Keeping Google's Attention

I can't recall when I actually knew that somehow my pithy little blogs had gained Google's attention. Even then I know that was big. I see so many saying not to worry about getting Google's attention but let's face it they are the biggest and most powerful search engine out there. In many cases traffic from Google will provide a healthy chunk of your daily traffic. So quite frankly those saying this attention and traffic doesn't matter are deluding themselves! It is imperative you pay attention to what Google wants if you want to get traffic from them.

Once I got into blogging more there have been a few things I have followed to get and keep Google's attention. Here are the things that I'm doing that work for me:

  • submit  - No search engine is going to know you exist if you do submit your site to them.
  • ping - Once a blog has been submitted to a search engine it is very important that the blog is pinged every time if at all possible each and every time a new blog post is made.  This can be difficult when on vacation or with daily posts but at the very least I try to make sure my blogs are pinged at least once a week.
  • regular new content - Content is king when it comes to search engines.  I realized quite quickly the more content the quicker a blog gets indexed.  I also found that daily content especially for new blogs is the way to go.  c.
  • using graphic alt tags - Using the alt on graphics is quite important because that is seen by the bots as content since the bots can't see the actual graphics.  The alt tag tells the bots that this is content to index as well.
  • keywords -  I've pretty much given up on cutesy blog post titles choosing instead to use appropriate keywords in the title and lightly through the post itself.
  • Twitter - Tweets are now being indexed by Google which means each and every link you tweet to your blog gets indexed.


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