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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action!

Blogging is very much like a movie production if you think about it.  You are the writer, comic relief and director.  Unlike publishing a book or writing in a personal diary once you hit that publish post button your blog post is in front of a live audience.  There's no turning back.  At best you can do a bit of impromptu in the post's comment section but other than editing the post that has already been seen by readers that's it.  Like any opening day you need to have all of your ducks in a row meaning everything must be functioning flawlessly. 

In terms of a blog each time you make a post check to be sure all your elements are working as they should prior to making the post.  I check for any loading issues or anything else that isn't working properly.  This can be difficult when relying heavily on scheduled posts.  In most cases as long as the blog is loading properly when you write the scheduled post it should technically be loading properly when the scheduled post appears.  However, third party widgets, third party java script and links can sometimes cause problems so check how your blog loads as often as possible to show your blog posts in their best light.


Emm said...

I think it is an excellent habit to make a point of checking how each and every one of your posts turns out. So many people don't actually visit their own blogs and you see all kind of weird formatting because of it.

Garden Gnome said...

That is one good reason to check your blogs from time to time especially after making a post. One common formatting error I see on blogs is a YouTub video that hasn't been resized to fit the available space. Checking how the post looks when posted gives the opportunity to edit if necessary.

Emm said...

I recently realised that if you download a video using the Windows Live Writer plugin, it automatically resizes it to fit in with your layout. Brilliant plugin. It helps with HD video on YouTube who have a minimum size of about 560 pixels. The plugin resizes them to about 450 for me which fits into my column.

Garden Gnome said...

Hi Emm :) That sounds like a handy plugin! I just manually resize YouTube videos to the size I want which works well too.

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