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Friday, June 4, 2010

Links in Posts

One thing I started doing in my early days of blogging was using links within a post to point back to another post I had made earlier. In many ways this reduces redundancy overall but at the same time gives a reason for readers to continue reading. It is an especially effective technique for both my cooking and gardening blogs. For example I can green beans so often mention home canned green beans as part an ingredient in other recipes or as a side dish. Rather than go into the details of how to can green beans I simple turn the term home canned green beans into a link to the original post of how to can them.  So in any given blog post on my cooking blog there may be one or more links to an earlier blog post.  This type of interweaving links between new posts and older posts helps to keep the older posts from getting stale and forgotten.  I also occasionally link between my blogs as well.  For example if I'm talking about a using a particular variety of tomato I grow in my garden on my cooking blog then I will link to the how to grow information on my gardening blog. 


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