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Friday, June 11, 2010

Stretch Out Events and Break Down Blog Posts

When I first started blogging in 2006 the whole concept of blog fodder was rather foreign to me.  I basically blogged as things happen and usually the entire event.  In my earlier blog post on my cooking and gardening blogs it was quite common to see several pictures covering more than one topic.  For example if I had made bread, did a bit of canning then grilled something for dinner it would all appear in that one post.  In short I was making blogging more difficult than I needed to especially since even in the early days I recognized the importance of regular posting.  I quickly realized it is difficult to have consistently regular posts if I used up all of my blog fodder on one post but it was a hard lesson learned.

Stretching out events and breaking down larger topics into shorter blog post allows you to keep those regular posts coming without running out of blog fodder.  Now if I do a fair amount of cooking in a day with perhaps three or four dishes I post each dish as an individual post.  A good example of how I use this method is how I stretched out a visit to the flea market while on vacation from one large post to four smaller posts scheduled to run on separate days on my personal blog.  What is interesting is an 11 day vacation will actually be stretched out in the blogosphere for a much as a month or more on at least one or more of my blogs.

Breaking down larger topics not only extends your blog fodder staying power the shorter posts makes it easier to handle.  Now with scheduling it's easy to break on large topic into several shorter posts then have them scheduled in succession so the larger story still has good cohesion and flow.   Sometimes I leave a comment to let my readers know the next post in the series is coming and in other cases I include a link to a previous post in the series.  This invites my readers to read both future and past posts in the series.  Breaking down larger topics has worked well for me to keep my actual blog writing at a manageable scale.


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