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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


In an effort to curb comment spam Blogger allows you to set word verification aka captcha.  If you've been doing any blog hopping to the point of wanting to leave a comment you will have come across this already.  Essentially the commenter has to type in the nonsensical word into a box to prove they are a person not a bot.  There is no doubt that using a captcha curbs comment spam.  The problem is many readers don't like captcha so in some ways this reduces the number of comments you get since some will pass on commenting if a captcha is involved.  I personally don't like using captcha but it does serve a purpose.  From a blogging point of view the captcha combined with comment moderation will essentially keep comment spam in check. 


Lynda said...

I loathe captcha. I'm not familiar with Blogger's abilities, but Wordpress has an Akismet plugin that captures most spam. I don't have any moderation set up on my blog and certainly no captcha.

I'd never recommend its use to any blogger. If Blogger doesn't offer anything better than captcha, I'd recommend the blogger move hosts before implementing that devil device. :)

As I said recently on Twitter, if I wanted to read letters that looked like that, I'd throw the newspaper into the bath.

Garden Gnome said...

Hi Lynda :) Blogger offers several ways of dealing with comments including who and how they can comment - anyone, registered users, users with Google accounts and members only. So that is the first level of dealing with comment spam. Their second level is comment moderation that can always be moderated, moderated on posts of a certain age, and never. In addition to who can comment and how they are moderated they also allow the use of captcha.

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