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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Comment Spammers Are Indeed an Interesting Breed

Comment spammers on blogs tend to be an interesting breed.  They basically fall into 3 categories: spam bots, blatant spammers and borderline spammers.  For example:

visit http://spammedlink.com
This is either a sam bot or a blatant spammer.  Then you get the borderline spammers that really are looking for a backlink.  Then just when you think you have comment spammers all figured out there is the sneaky, I'm going to spam you but test out your defenses first comment spammer.  These potential comment spammers can actually be quite entertaining as well as providing blog fodder.  What I have noticed is they always start out the same way.  First there are those little great post with at least some reference to the post.  This will continue on and off for a few days always commenting on each new post but some will continue for a few months.  This really is testing out to see if you really do have comment moderation in place.  If you don't then things can get rather spammish for you quite quickly once their testing stage is over.  Some will make a comment with a link in their name to their blog then in the body of the  comment leave another url usually not to their blog.  This almost seems like a confidence building thing.  If you allow this comment to go through they will likely try a few more times in the hopes of establishing that they are trying to help you by posting supporting links to your content.  Once you trust this type of comment spammer their true colours rise up. 

If you are using Blogger keep comment moderation activated.  It is a sure fire way to deal with any comment spammer who thinks once they gain your trust they can post what they want.  This way you are ahead of the game before any problems start on your blog.  As aways I use my judgement when moderating.  There's always that grey area but chances are good if a comment spammer other that a bot knows you are onto them they will move on to greener pastures.


John | English Wilderness said...

It sounds like being a comment spammer is hard work for little reward. Didn't anyone tell them it's not worth the effort? :-(

Garden Gnome said...

I haven't figured out the reward for the comment spammer. At least telemarketers get paid for their efforts but the comment spammer at best may get a link. It seems to be a total waste of their energy ;)

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