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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Issue of Blog Stats

The issue of blog stats has to be one of the most confusing topics there is.  I use StatCounter which involves placing code in my blog to track traffic and a wide range of traffic behaviour such as length of time on my blog, entry url and exit url.  I also use Google Analytics, Alexa and am now keeping an eye on Blogger's stats.   In addition to that on one of my blogs one of my main advertisers uses tracking code that tells me the number of impressions each month.  Other advertisers have their own form of blog stats.  Here's the kicker, each of these sources measure your traffic differently.  Each of them give different details as well, some more in depth than others.  All these numbers are enough to make any blogger's head spin!

When I'm looking at my blogs' stats I am looking for an upward trend in traffic and downward trend in bounce rate.  Now those trends are fairly easy to see from most stats.  What is interesting though is finding out what browser is the most popular for view your blog.  That is a clue that you had best make sure your blog loads and looks good in that browser.  Each of the stat services add one or more clues as to where you need to improve your blog, how readers are finding you and so much more.  The numbers are beneficial but what is behind those number is what is really important.


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