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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Making Things Difficult Without Realizing It

Awhile ago I got the brainy idea that I would like to turn a couple of my blogs into ebooks.  That idea was put on the back burner until a few days ago when I decided to revisit that idea.  I found BlogBooker that will painlessly turn your blog into an ebook.  What it does is take the xml file of your downloaded blog then turn it into a pdf file.  From there you have to do a bit of editing of the pdf file to add things like cover, dedication, and any extras that you want.  I reasoned I needed to get a pdf editor since neither Preview or Acrobat Reader allow editing so off I went on a Google search.  About the fourth link down and without even clicking on the link I discovered my much beloved Photoshop® is quite capable of pdf editing as well as editing pdf files.  Alrighty then!  Talk about making things a bit more difficult without realizing it.

In fairness I had Photoshop® on my laptop then transferred it to this computer and aside of occasionally resizing a photo did not use it.  Then one day back in 2006 I wanted to make a blinkie for one of my blogs so decided to start learning how to use Photoshop®.  Honestly I now use Photoshop® on a daily basis and it only gets shut down if the computer is off.  Not once did I realize I could use Photoshop® to make and edit pdf files and I can even make pdf presentations!  I learn something new about this program every time I use it but I certainly did not realize that it had pdf capabilities.  I'm amazed!  As a blogging tool Photoshop® can't be beat.


Mouseclone said...

In the OpenSource world we use OpenOffice.org and GIMP to handle there types of issues. You can even publish to PDF from OOo Writer.

Garden Gnome said...

Now does OOo Writer work with MAC? If so I will check it out. I know about GIMP but haven't checked out OpenOffice.org so will have to do that as well. Thanks for the tips :)

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