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Saturday, July 31, 2010

A New Way to


LinkShowOff is a new program that allows you to earn a little money from displaying their widget on your blog or by referring others to the program.  What is different about these links is you control both the price of the link and who's links can show on the widget.  The links are nofollow and static changing only when a new link has been purchased to knock the longest running link off of the widget.  So a widget displaying 5 links could get your link out there for a considerable amount of time depending on the turn-over.  The widgets are somewhat customizable for colour and number of links to show.  I am seeing some of the widgets with link pricing set to $2 but $1 seems to be the going rate.  The minumum cashout is $10 and they charge $3 to cashout. 

I put the widget on three of my blogs (cooking, gardening, homemaking).  I currently have no links on any of the widgets but it is still early yet.  As with any type of program like this, I like that I can control both content and price.  I will give this program a trial period of a month then decide whether or not to continue with it. 

In reality there is no need for a widget to sell links on your blog.  Simply add a notation like Buy A 30 Day Link for $ (set price) with a link pointing to your email address.  You deal directly with the advertiser and keep all the profits without paying a middleman.  What this type of widget does is broaden the audience that may be interested in advertising on your blog but at a price to the middleman.  Either way purchased links should be kept out of blog posts and designed as stand-alone links away from blog posts.


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