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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Scheduled Blog Post Timing

I've been using scheduled posts ever since Blogger started offering them to one degree or another.  They are quite useful for those regularly occurring posts like Wordless Wednesday and an ideal way to keep new content appearing on my blogs even when I can't blog on a particular day.  I normally set the scheduled blog post to go live on my blogs at 7:00 AM.  My reasoning for this time is readers can enjoy a cup of coffee while reading my blogs before they go off to enjoy their day.  For the most part based on the feedback I've received this time seems to be good.  On the days where I don't have a scheduled post so have to write one I either have to get up early to have the post live by 7:00 AM or post it late.  Surprisingly I do get emails asking where the new post is on days it is posted late. 

My blog feeds are automatically posted to Twitter shortly after posting using Twitterfeed.  The recent Twitter experiment with how  activity level on Twitter affects blog traffic has me wondering if 7:00 AM is the best timing for my scheduled blog posts especially for my cooking blog.  Results showed that links posted on Twitter mid-morning and mid-afternoon got more clicks for my cooking blog but in fairness those links were very specific recipe links whereas not every post I make on my cooking blog is recipe specific.  I will be keeping the normal schedule for the time being since the majority of my readers expect new posts at that time but in hind sight perhaps setting a later scheduled post time would have been better. 


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