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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blogger Makes it Easier to Add Your Own Blog Backgrounds

Several months ago I came across a method for creating a custom scrolling background for my blogs. Adding the background to the blogs was messy if using script but it could be added by editing html if comfortable with that. The main problem was either method required hosting the background image somewhere else because Blogger did not allow you to upload your own background.

Six of my blogs (1 private) had their background images hosted on Photobucket. A couple of days ago I got an email saying I had used 70% of my bandwidth on Photobucket so that meant once I hit 100% my images would not display until the bandwidth reset or I could pay them $24.95 to get unlimited bandwidth. The problem is my cooking blog is taking off quite nicely averaging about 560 visitors daily. If this blog continues to grow the way it is I am not in the position to have some of my images especially the background suddenly disabled. The very same day just by fluke I was reading my Twitter stream and saw a post that Blogger now makes it easy to add your own images for your blog background.  This method is designed so that a blogger knowing very little about editing the html can still easily add their own background.

In order to used this feature go to draft.blogger.com and sign in.  If you are already signed into blogger.com you won't have to sign in again.  You will need your desired image that can be tiled if small or set to 1800 x 1600 and no larger than 300 KB.  Go to Design | Design Template | Background.  Click on the upload image feature and choose your file.  If you are using a full screen picture choose no tile and alignment centre.  If using a smaller picture choose whether to tile or not.  Your changes will appear in the preview window.  Once satisfied click Apply to Blog and you are finished.  If you want to change the background at any point just repeat the process.  Note that this great feature only works in draft mode and it doesn't work if you are using an older classic template.


John | English Wilderness said...

About time too! I always thought it strange Blogger didn't offer the option to upload your own background.

Garden Gnome said...

Hi John :) Blogger seems to be a bit behind sometimes even though they are run by Google. There are a few features bloggers have been asking for but they seem to be a bit slow on implementing them. At the same time they do add new features in draft so perhaps it's a waiting game.

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