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Friday, August 6, 2010

Do What I Say Not What I Do!

I my gosh!  The other day excited about installing backgrounds via Blogger upload rather than having images hosted on Photobucket I made a huge mistake!  Pay attention!  Apparently this feature is only available in draft blogger and not using classic templates.  I decided to change my gardening blog.  No problem, so it seemed since I've been changing blogs since I started blogging. 

Rule #1 - Always backup your template.  So I'm off to play with my template and as normal I backed up my template.  Wrong!  For some reason I hit to backup my blog not my template except that wouldn't become apparent until after the damage was done.  The good news is I at least when put into perspective backed up the most important part of my blog, the posts and comments. 

Rule #2 - Do not panic.  I played around a bit, changing to a new updated template and tried adding the background.  No problem except despite having the background set to 1800 x 1600 it still didn't work properly.  That's when I decided to revert to my old tried and true Rounders template and reality hit the proverbial fan so to speak.  After a bit of serious hyperventilating to the point I had to walk away from the computer for a couple of hours, I realized there was no need to panic.  Since I had designed the previous layout it shouldn't be all that difficult to put it back together.  Luckily when I went to Blogger's Page Elements most of my elements were still there just not where they were supposed to be.

Rule #3 - Be Systematic.   I realized I did a huge and I do mean huge screw up but once I saw most of the elements were there I started to slowly but systematically restore my gardening blog to what it was.  With each change to the template I did the preview then save.  Slowly things started getting back to normal but there was a lot of switching between page elements and edit html.  And you can bet your bottom line when I finished I applied Rule #1!


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