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Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Downside to Social Networking

If you are a parent you can relate to why I equate social networking to extracurricular activities for children.  The problem is as a parent you can have your child into so many extracurricular activities that it ends up affecting your child's academic performance and costs you a lot in terms of time, energy and gasoline just getting your child to each extracurricular activity.  In some cases especially if you have more than one child extracurricular activities can actually undermine the family dynamics affecting family relationships.  Essentially this is not putting first things first, a fundamental principle of personal leadership by Stephen R. Covey.  Extracurricular activities are very important for children but if they overshadow the fundament, life guiding values such as education and family values then they end up being detrimental.  The same can be said of social networking in relationship to blogging.

Social networking includes groups, forums and sites like Twitter, Digg, and Facebook.  These sites are wonderful for promoting your blog(s) and they can result in a lot of traffic however, they can take your focus off of what is important, your blog(s).  If your blog(s) does not get regular tweaking, frequent posts and the attention it really deserves no amount of promoting it is going to help.  Social networking takes a lot of time and energy.  As a result they take away from the time you could spend blogging, adding quality content to your blog(s).  Social networks should be used to accent your blogging experience but never to hinder it.  If your spending too much time on social networks and not enough time blogging then at some point one of them is going to give and chances are very good it will be blogging.


Source Blogger said...

This is Source Blogger. How are you?

1) Not all blogs benefit from Digg, Facebook, or Twitter.

But, there is often a direct relation between the time invested in social marketing / social bookmarking / blogging communities and the level of both interest and conversions that occur.

2) Marketing and promoting a blog off-site is just as important as the time you spend on-site.

There are many great blogs that churn out incredible content, but get less than 10 hits a day.

3) Bloggers are smarter than you think.

They realize the consequences of when they spend too much time on Twitter, Facebook, Blog Catalog, Digg, etc.


Source Blogger
"Determined to make you a better blogger!"

Garden Gnome said...

Hi Source Blogger and thanks for visiting. I'm fine. Thanks for asking :)

Marketing and promoting your blog is very important. In my opinion all blogs can benefit from promoting via social networking when done properly which means finding a happy medium. It's true that bloggers are rather smart but it is quite easy to get scooped up into the whole social networking experience to the point the focus on blogging is lost. If a blog is consistently churning out incredible content then one should expect to get more than 10 hits per day. If they are only getting 10 hits per day then some type of promotion and marketing is necessary including advertising. Good blogging also includes promotion. However, social networking for blog promotion comes with two problems. First promoting too much via social networking is considered spam and second social networking takes valuable time that may in some cases be better spent adding to your blog content.

John | English Wilderness said...

This reminds me of the bloggers who spend hours every day dropping Entrecards or clicking Adgitize but haven't posted for ages. :-/

Garden Gnome said...

Hi John :) Anymore it is hard to tell because many bloggers have multiple blogs so one blog by default may not get the attention is needs. You are quite right about the click fallacy!

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