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Friday, October 15, 2010

Needing More Than One Browser

In my beginning internet days I quickly learned that all browsers are not created equally.  A few years later we became a house divided with my husband liking Internet Explorer while I preferred Mozilla.  Over the years our tastes have changes to match operating systems combined with basic likes and dislikes in browser performance.  I currently have 4 browsers on my home computer: Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari and Camino.  Each behave and display differently.  From a blogging perspective I think it is a good idea to have more than one browser for a few reasons.

  • More than one browser allows you to see what others are seeing.  It may mean that in one browser an element is displaying properly.  A bit of tweaking may be needed to get that element to display properly in all browsers.
  • More than one browser allows you to do a bit of troubleshooting.  For example, one of my blogs had a loading issue or so I thought.  But on further investigation it was the browser itself.  Updating the browser solved the problem.
  • More than one browser can help you skirt around a problem your blog host may be having with some browsers.  For the past couple of days the uploading feature in Blogger is really buggy if using Camino, my preferred browser.  At the same time using cut & paste for adding links isn't working in Safari.  My work around is to have the post open in Safari first to upload my pictures then save as draft.  I then open the draft in Camino to complete the post adding any desired links via cut & paste.  It's a bit of a pain but quite workable for a few days without having to change to the old editor or draft editor since one is lacking in features and the other has a few issues as well.


John | English Wilderness said...

I haven't tried Camino, will have to take a look.

On my home laptop I have Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE. On my netbook I have Chrome, Opera and IE. I prefer using Chrome.

By the way, have you seen browsershots.org for checking how your blog looks in different browsers?

John | English Wilderness said...

Is Camino Mac only?

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