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Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Numbers Kind of Gal

I think I realized from my very early blogging blogging days that I'm a numbers kind of gal.  It immediately became interesting watching the counter that reflected visitors to my blogs.  I liked checking my blogs to see the the counter increase.  Sites like Technorati, Alexa and Google Analytics added to the numbers to watch, again interesting to watch the trends.  Blogger is the most recent to add more numbers to watch.  Then there are the numbers generated by Adsense and other advertising networks who do their own form of statistics.  So Statcounter may say I had 13,000 visitors in a month but one of the advertising networks will say I had 12,500 while another one will say I had 11,750.  What is interesting is they are all supposed to be measuring the same thing.  What is funny is you can have two different traffic counters and they will show two different numbers for the same time period.  In short 10 different sites tracking your traffic will give you 10 different results. 

As interesting as the numbers are the important thing is the overall trends.  If one traffic counter consistently reports your traffic as being low in comparison to the others then perhaps that counter is on the blink.  As long as traffic and page views keeps increasing in general across the various stats sites, things are good.  Still the numbers are fun to watch!


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