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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Old Bait and Switch

The old bait and switch tactic is rather popular among some sales people where an item is advertised but when you get to the store the item isn't in stock so they try to sell you something more expensive.  The bait is the ad for the great sale item while the switch is something different than expected.  Unfortunately some bloggers have resorted to using this tactic to get members blog advertising network and readers of those blogs to click on their ad by designing a blog badge that has nothing to do with their blog's content.  Some are using scantily clothed people in the design.  Can you tell me what a surfer style dude has to do with a technology blog?  It doesn't have anything to do with it other than bait you into visiting the blog. 

Using a misleading image on your blog badge may get you a visit but only the first time.  The problem with the bait and switch is no one likes it!  It is deceptive and people don't like being deceived.  Once the reader realized they have been tricked into visiting they will move on and not visit again.  There are some blogs within the blog advertising network that I simply won't visit because of the old bait and switch. 


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