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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Popups and Peel Backs

In an effort to make money online some bloggers are resorting to using popup and peel back advertising.  I'm sure you have seen both.  A popup ad is one that creates another but smaller browser window to display the ad over the main browser window.  A popup ad has to be clicked on to close in order to see the main window.  A peel back ad is one where there is an advertisement behind the main browser window that displays if you hover over the turned over corner of the main browser window.  I find both types annoying! 

I use a popup blocker but still see a bar at the top of the main browser window that says to the effect this site wants to show a popup followed by two choices - allow or never allow.  Since either involves some type of action on my part I simply close that site and won't visit it again.  These types of ads are against the TOS for some advertising networks like Adgitize, AFTR, and CMFAds.  Since I am a member of all three, I do make it a point to report any blog in the system that uses popup and peel back ads.  That's how much they irritate me!


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