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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Advertising Timing

As with any advertising campaign, blog ads may perform differently than expected depending on the timing.  Some bloggers have noticed that timing does play a difference in the ad performance.  It stands to reason that timing could definitely be a factor but that has not been my experience.  I routinely run blog ads for one or more of my blogs on CMFAds and Adgitize as well as occasionally on Project Wonderful.  For the most part they perform as expected but occasionally doing a bit better or worse than expected.  I really have not noticed any significant difference in performance for ads that I run monthly.  That is monthly ads tend to consistently bring me close to the same amount of traffic regardless of the month other than February which is a short month but if averaged out to daily traffic it's fairly consistent.  The exceptions to this is ads for my gardening blog tend to get more traffic outside of the main growing season likely because this is the time home gardeners are looking for ideas for next year's garden and my cooking blog ads consistently do better just before the start of the main canning season with folks looking fro home canning recipes.  In fairness though, hits from search engines especially Google tend to increase during both of the mentioned time frames.  Even on shorter run ads I haven't noticed much of a difference in traffic with the exception of those ads run on Project Wonderful. 

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