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Monday, November 1, 2010

Blogging Buffet Style

Almost from the get go of my early blogging days I decided the only way I could effectively blog was to compartmentalize my blogs.  That ended up meaning I author 6 public blogs but each have a different topic and feel to them.  Some bloggers don't do this.  Instead they opt to blog buffet style.  In short there is a bit of this, a bit of that and no real focus on any one topic.  I would find this type of blogging style very difficult to master.  The reason being compartmentalization gives a focus to the blog and provides a niche for that particular blog.  Otherwise the blog simply becomes a catch-all for anything you want to blog about which makes it a bit more difficult to follow.   In this case a reader who is interested in gardening may end up passing the generic blog by even though it may have a few gardening posts on it.

There are very few blogs I've seen that have pulled off being a mish mash, buffet style blog.  The main reason is without a lot of very hard work, the blog eventually loses any resemblance of even the loosest structure.  Readers get frustrated because the blog is all over the place lacking any focus.  I think the best way to prevent this is to divide interests into niches then create separate blogs for that niche.


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