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Thursday, November 25, 2010

By Invitation Only Blogs

I do a fair amount of daily blog hopping via various methods.  What I have found is a growing number of blogs coming up as 404 - not found or 'blog does not exist' in some blog advertising networks.  This happens when bloggers delete their blogs but the blog advertising network hasn't purged blogs in rotation that no longer exist.  This is unavoidable even in the best run blog advertising networks.  Another growing group of blogs in blog advertising networks is 'by invite only blogs'.  Now it is just ridiculous for a blogger to put their by invite only blog into any blog advertising network!  It's a waste of time for all involved and it is against the TOS for most blog advertising networks.  The blogger doesn't get any traffic, the blog hopper gets a bit annoyed and it reflects poorly on the blog advertising network.  The blogger putting their by invite only blog into a blog advertising network clearly cannot follow simple rules.  At the same time those running blog advertising networks should be looking for this type of nonsense and remove these blogs from the system.


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