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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Choose Your Ad Placement Carefully

The first experience I had with blog advertising was running banner ads on BlogExplosion.  The banners were shown within their system as part of the frame for surfing.  In this respect I had no real control other than knowing that only one banner was being shown to a viewer at a time.  My next real experience with blog advertising was Entrecard followed quickly by Project Wonderful.  When Entrecard started having problems there were two major break-off groups that formed their own blog advertising netword.  They were CMFAds and Adgitize.  Since I had got to know Ben (CMFAds) and Ken (Adgitize) through Entrecard and because I was at that time thoroughly disgusted with Entrecard I left it and joined both CMFAds and Adgitize.  About the same time if not slightly before the then owner of Entrecard posted a way for bloggers to sell their own advertising space using OIOPublisher.  As a direct result of extra widgets, OIO, Project Wonderful and private sales (non-OIO) many blogs became more of a collection of a multitude of 125 x 125 ads sometimes with actual content being difficult to find.  This really presented a problem for bloggers wanting to advertise.

The problem of having too much advertising on a blog is very real.  It means that if you decide to buy any form of advertising on a blog with a lot of advertising the chances of your ad being noticed becomes significantly less given the competition.  I realized this so sought out advertising on blogs with good PR yet not filled with too much advertising.  I think that is one reason that I get fairly consistent and relatively good advertising results.  CMFAds has introduced a way to target higher traffic ads which is quite nice.  As of yet Adgitize has not followed suit but they likely will.  It's a lot easier with Project Wonderful because you can check out the ad prior to placing an ad.  OIO and private advertising is even easier as you have full control over where your ads will run.  I think this is important when it comes to advertising.


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