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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Directing Targeted Traffic to Your Blog

For the most part I have always felt that traffic to my blogs is traffic.  My main goal has been getting traffic and increasing that traffic.  At times though I've learned it is desirable to drive directed traffic from one country or one particular source to one or more of my blogs.  The main way to do this is through targeted blog promotion.  For example if I want to increase traffic to my blogs coming from Canadian sources then it makes little sense to focus my efforts on world wide traffic.  Don't get me wrong as the world wide traffic is still good but to get that extra boost from Canada then I realized my blog promotion had to be targeted towards Canadian blog resources.  In this particular case what I would do is:

  • geo-target any advertising possible to Canada (eg. Project Wonderful, Adgitize)
  • increase Canadian content on the blog(s)
  • add some type of interactive Canadian content on the blog(s) like a poll
  • ping Canadian blog directories and search engines
  • increase submissions to Canadian blog directories
  • write a letter to the editor of a Canadian newspaper including my blog url
  • leave more comments on Canadian blogs
  • join a Canadian blogroll
  • form a Canadian group on Twitter to target tweets to
Any of these methods will help bring in targeted traffic from the desired country.   While they won't give dramatic, overnight results when done consistently these methods will boost the desired targeted traffic and improve readership from that particular country.


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