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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Ever Changing Blog Badge

The blog badge (button) is a 125 x 125 graphic used to advertise your blog.  Any blogger involved in a blog advertising network has one, either generic or custom made.  What I have noticed is some bloggers change their badges more oven than the majority of folks change their underwear.  What is with that?  You badge becomes part of your blog brand so while running a special temporary promo badge in addition to your normal badge may be a good idea especially if you are running a contest or have just done a major overhaul of your blog.  However, I feel that other than that the blog badge really shouldn't be changed significantly.  The reason for this is if you've participated in one blog advertising network then quit that one and move onto another one, members from the first one will still recognize your badge giving you a bit of traffic.  If the blog badge is kept the same or very close there is a better chance of getting traffic across the blogosphere as well because it is recognizable out of familiarity.


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