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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Expose Your Blog

For quite some time BlogExplosion was a nice blogging community to participate in to get a bit of extra traffic for your blog while getting to know other bloggers.  Unfortunately BlogExplosion is dying a slow and painful death.  A new community that does the same thing called Expose Your Blog is now up and running.  It is a traffic generating site where you can earn exposure for your blog while surfing so in that respect that portion of the site is a traffic exchange.  You can also buy traffic at a low cost of $1.97 for 500 hits and upwards so it that respect that portion of the site is a blog advertising network.  You can advertise your blog via their email systems so it is an email marketing tool.  There are contests, forums and chat to participate as well so it really is a blogging community.

I tested Expose Your Blog using one of my blogs that is currently not running Adsense.  I'm not sure how Adsense would view this site but using a traffic exchange is against their TOS.  I did see several blogs in their system that do have Adsense but before putting your blog into the system get clarification from Adsense first rather than risk losing your account.  The site is quite nice to use and fairly straight forward.  It does not work with Safari and there are problems using their surf bar with Camino.  They recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox for problem free surfing.  Be warned that well surfing there are verifiers that must be completed.  If you fail to complete too many verifiers your account will be suspended.  They are rather strict on this to prevent cheating.  Other than that it does seem to be a good replacement for BlogExplosion.


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