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Friday, November 12, 2010

Make $1,000 Per Day From Your Blog

I thought that catchy title would get your attention.  Don't you just love those great keywords?  Oh my gosh!  It is true or so a blogger that I stumbled upon would have you believe.  I'm not sure exactly what this blogger is promoting and didn't read long enough to find out.  To set the stage:

  • The blogger is using a very generic Blogger template in fact the same as this one without any customization at all, obviously keeping his overhead low.  
  • I actually found the blog through a traffic exchange.  Using a traffic exchange is against the TOS for Adsense so I suspect they will catch-up with him at some point.
  • I've never seen this blog on any of the normal blogging networks like CMFAds, Adgitize, Project Wonderful.  I don't know whether he's on Entrecard because I don't do Entrecard.
Seriously though, if it were that easy to make $1,000 per day from your blog don't you think every blogger out there would be doing so?  And why stop at $1,000 per day?  Honestly, if it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true!  Either this guy is doing something on the shady side or something downright illegal or a bit of BSing but whatever it is there is no way he is making $1,000 per day from this particular blog!


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