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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Obnoxious Blogging Techniques

I have done and continue to do a fair amount of blog hopping on any given day ever since I started blogging in early 2006.  Over the years I have seen some fair obnoxious blogging techniques being used.  I've talked about some of them here already.  The worst part is some of these blogger belong to Entrecard, Adgitize and CMFAds where many of these techniques are against the TOS for that network.  Why they are being allowed to continue using these techniques is beyond me!  It's not like other members haven't complained about them.  Here are a few that I find particularly onoxious:

  • popups - I really don't like popups and I detest the ones where I have to click to make it go away before I can read the blog.  An ad popup is bad enough but I actually came across a blogger with a survey popup and the only way you could view the blog was to complete the survey.  Now that is obnoxious!
  • autoplay music or video or slideshow - Thankfully, many bloggers are getting the hint that these are annoying especially to those not on high speed connections.  While there are a lot less bloggers using these, I still run across anywhere from 5 to 10 blogs in any given day using one of more of these.  
  • forcing cookies - I'm sorry but if you tell me I have to accept your cookie before I can read your blog, I blacklist your blog and will never visit again!
  • forcing anything - I came across a blog a couple of days ago that told me I had to update flash before I could read it.  That blog is now blacklisted.  I also occasionally come across a blog that tells me to use a different browser as apparently it doesn't like Camino so unless I use a different browser I can't read their blog.  Hello, there are other browsers out there besides Internet Explorer.  Your job as a blogger is to make your blog compatible with as many browsers as possible not just one!
  • comments disabled - Some blogger's in an effort to control spam or negative comments, disable comments entirely.  If you do this you no longer have a blog, you have a website.  While your website might be interesting it is a website so don't call it a blog.  Don't put it in a blog advertising promoting it as a blog when it is a website.


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