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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Of Course You Would Like My Blog Optimized to Your Click Program

I logged into one of my blog advertising networks the other day then headed over to the forum to check out the new.  Here was someone complaining about blog loading speed because slow loading blogs slowed down his clicking.  Umm, excuse me?  I pay for advertising on this particular network and I don't pay for my bounce rate to increase just because another member only wants to click and run to earn points.  Seriously and I'm not kidding I can use a free traffic exchange where I can make a little money that has a lower bounce rate than some of the blog advertising networks that I pay a fairly decent price each month to advertise in. 

When I created my blogs I did so with my readers in mind not someone who wants to mindless click on my ad to stay on my blog(s) for less than 30 seconds just to get a point.  I optimize my blogs to my readers needs.  I find it rather insulting that someone essentially making a few pennies off of the advertising dollars that I pay has the audacity to tell me or anyone else to speed up the loading time of my/their blog.  Personally I think you should go stuff yourself and be happy that people like me do pay for advertising so people like you can make a couple of pennies by mindlessly clicking.  All I can say is thank God you do not represent the majority of people on this blog advertising network because if you did I would quickly be taking my advertising dollars elsewhere!


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