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Monday, November 15, 2010

Traffic Exchanges

Traffic exchanges are a rather easy way to gain traffic to your blog.  One of the most popular amongst bloggers is the slowly dying BlogExplosion.  Make no never mind though one of the most popular so called blog advertising networks, Entrecard is in reality a traffic exchange.  Traffic exchanges work under the premise that for every visit you make to another site your site gets a visit back.  That is a 1:1 exchange but a 2:1 also common means for every two visits to other sites you get a visit in return.  Traffic exchanges can and do bring some rather impressive traffic to your blog depending on how active you are.  Traffic can be targeted if desired and traffic is usually based on your involvement.  The only thing to keep in mind is if your blog is using Adsense, using a traffic exchange is against the TOS and can get your account terminated so if you want to try a traffic exchange suspend any Adsense ads on that particular blog.  Using a traffic exchange may be against the TOS for other ad networks but unless specified a traffic exchange is one more way to get traffic to your blog.

Now before you poo poo a traffic exchange, you really do need to try one out.  I honestly thought that using one would gravely increase my bounce rate.  While traffic exchanges can increase your bounce rate that is not always the case. Well they can depending on the one you choose to try but that is not always the case.   In some cases because a blog is so different from the sites normally seen on traffic exchanges the opposite actually happens.  I removed Adsense from one of my blogs and started experimenting with traffic exchanges.  Surprisingly of 25 visits on one traffic exchange showed a visit length of over an hour for 18 of those visits!   Also some traffic exchanges allow you to target traffic so if for some reason you need to increase traffic from a particular country then this may be the way to do it.  Most traffic exchanges also allow you to run banner and text ads so those help get a bit of exposure for your blog as well.  Both of these will bring in trickle traffic and in many ways bring considerably better traffic than Entrecard with a lot less effort.  I'm just saying, if you want a bit of easy traffic that actually has a lower bounce rate than Entrecard a traffic exchange might just be what you are interested in.


Alan said...

It seems to me that all stats need to be read with a grain of salt-- for instance it is possible that a visitor might leave your site open in a tab for an hour or more, even though they only spend a minute or two reading the content. I agree that some traffic exchanges can be useful for some sites.

Garden Gnome said...

You are quite right Alan. The thing with all the stats is they only give a brief insight as to what your traffic really is.

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