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Monday, December 27, 2010

Blogging & Privacy Issues

Many say that privacy is nothing more than a myth in current times.  That may be to some degree but privacy within our homes and what we reveal about ourselves for the most part still exists.  In many ways we live in troubling times with higher crime rates.  Just as we are cautioned to be aware of our surroundings at all times, we really need to be aware of our online activities especially blogging.  Blogging has become increasingly complex even since I started blogging in 2006.  As our privacy continues to erode it is important to take a few common sense measures to protect ourselves and our family when blogging. 

Consider some bloggers who blog about their families.  It is astonishing as to how much they reveal about themselves and other family members.  Some routinely post current pictures of themselves, their spouses, their children, other family members and their friends.  They post where their kids go to school, the name of their church and where they like to shop.  They post their names, the names of their spouse and kids as well as other family and friends.  They post the name of town or city they live in and what hospital they go to.  All this makes every family member and friend mentioned a sitting duck for online predation.  Heck any internet predator could easily track down the family and/or kids armed simply with the information the blogger freely gave on their blog.  As if that isn't bad enough they blog in real time about being away from their home opening themselves up to potential break-ins or worse.  Geo-targeting is very real with information as to exact location even being uploaded via images uploaded by some digital cameras. 

Here are a couple of my safety tips for blogging:

  • no current pictures of family members including yourself -  For the most part I refuse to use any identifiable picture of myself, my spouse, my children or my friends.  At most I have used very early baby pictures and body parts (eg. hands only) but that is it.  Legally the picture of anyone else including those in public should not be posted online without their consent.  I either blur the image of anyone so it is not identifiable or use another picture.
  • don't reveal too much - No one needs to know if I am home alone or where I'm blogging from.  If I feel it necessary to add to the blog post it is always done well after the fact, never before or during.  I'm sorry but real names are not necessary when blogging and definitely never, ever include your surname on any post, greetings and in fact I don't reveal my real name online at all. 


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