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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Downside to Selling Advertising on Your Blog Yourself

I posted about selling advertising direct to the advertiser on blogs a couple of months ago.  This method can be quite financially rewarding but it is not without a few problems.  Essentially selling directly means knocking out the middleman so you do end up making more money.  You can use OIOPublisher to help organize and control your adspace or you can do it all manually yourself.  OIOPublisher will cost you a one time fee and you need somewhere to host it whereas the manually approach only costs you time.  As mentioned there is a downside to selling ads directly to advertisers.  Here a few cons:

  • direct interaction - In most cases the advertiser will contact you directly regarding buying advertising space on your blog.  This will likely be in the form of a link request but may include a graphic.  You need to be available to respond to these requests so this may not be the ideal set-up if you blog once or twice a month without checking your blog throughout the month.  It also means if you reject an ad offer for whatever reason you will have to deal with the advertiser if they don't like your decision. 
  • organization - Organization is key so you know when to contact the advertiser for renewal if they desire.  If the link is buried within your blog archives then you need to be able to remove the link upon expiry if the link is not renewed.  I find using a spreadsheet works nicely.
  • the waiting game - Sometimes an advertiser will contact you requesting an ad spot.   The emails may go back and forth several days then the advertiser will tell you payment is on the way but it never arrives.  By the way, payment should always be in advance and via Pay Pal.  Before you know it a week's worth of effort has gone into selling the ad spot but you don't hear from the advertiser for another week asking if they can still place an ad.  Another round of emails ensues.  This pattern may repeat itself a couple of time until the advertiser actually pays for the ad or you get tired of dealing with them.  At any rate it becomes a waiting game.


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