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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dropping Via Blog Advertising Networks

The three main blog advertising networks (Entrecard, CMFAds, Adgitize) involve 'dropping' on other blogs.  Essentially this is a traffic building strategy via advertising using blog badges.  There are a couple of things to consider when dropping though.  If you want to drop effectively to give long term, lasting traffic results you need to leave comments on blogs as possible that you drop on.  This is not always feasible in the sense if you drop 300 on Entrecard, 100/51 on Adgitize and whatever number of spikes there are on CMFAds, you cannot possibly leave upwards of 400 plus quality comments daily.  If you can more power to you.

My goal is to leave 5 quality comments daily.  By quality I mean a comment that actually relates to the post not something like 'nice blog, please visit my blog".  I seriously hate those types of comments!  I don't do Entrecard so that frees up a lot of time and 5 comments across 6 blogs is not really a lot.  Some days I make more comments sometimes less but that is my daily goal.


MangoMan said...

So much for comments! Nice profile intro, btw!

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