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Friday, December 17, 2010

Getting Tough on Comment Spammers

I have decided to get a bit tougher on comment spammers across all of my blogs.  I don't know if there is a correlation with the holiday season but I have noticed comment spam increasing somewhat.  In the past if the comment was borderline it would be allowed quite often with any link, with the link stripped only if really on the border.  What I have decided to do is to strip the link from any borderline comment and delete comments that just say 'nice post' or 'good information' with nothing further to indicate the post was even read.  I am especially going to be paying attention to the somewhat questionable spammish comments where the link leads back to the author's Blogger profile stripping that url as well.  I'm not kidding, on one of my blogs I have at least one reader that leaves borderline comment with each comment pointing back to the Blogger profile.  One or two comments wouldn't be so bad but one each day really ads up to a huge hole with respect to Page Rank!  In fact I may even go back and strip the urls from the comments already posted.  Somehow I have to make it quite clear that these kind of comments just will not be tolerated!


Sheila said...

I've noticed a huge increase in straightforward spam comments recently but I do find that the Blogger spam filter gets most of it. I do wonder why they bother because they are invariably caught in the filter. Then there are the ones who try to leave a comment along with their link but the English is so bad as to be incomprehensible. They get marked as spam too.

I'm having more trouble with some who leave sensible comments with their link. I do delete them and I suppose I should also mark them as spam. At a guess they are mostly people who have Google alerts set because they are -almost- relevant.

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