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Thursday, December 9, 2010

How Important is Page Rank?

So many bloggers put Page Rank (PR) on a pedestal as if it is the only measurement of a successful blog.  The reality is PR is only one measurement of a successful blog.  When it comes to a blog if you are able to get any PR even a PR0 you are doing good.  So relax and just keep doing what you are doing and things will be fine.  Here's a few things to know about PR:

  • PR has nothing to do with your popularity as a blogger, your blogs popularity or anything else other than Googles ranking of where your blog is on search results.
  • PR applies only to how Google sees your blog's placement in search results and nothing else.  The higher the page rank the higher up your blog will be in the search results.
  • Google often changes the algorithm than calculates PR so depending on the change your PR may fluctuate up or down by 1.  Don't worry!
  • An algorithm change may result in all of a sudden your blog has no PR.  DO NOT PANIC!  As long as you haven't changed anything you are doing, carry on as normal.  DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING!  This happens from time to time when Google is testing a new algorithm and it is a pain but as long as you are not using any black hat methods your PR will be right back up there the next algorithm change.


Mar Matthias Darin said...

Actually, PR doesn't even provide placement in the search ranking anymore. Google has completely devalued it and removed it from their webmaster tools. Its as worthless as Alexa's easy to manipulate rankings. The best practice is to use them as a self reference to what you are doing, advertising, commenting on other blogs, linking methods, and so on.

I agree with you that too many people put way too much emphasis on page rank.

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