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I'm so glad you stopped by and hope you find this blog an interesting read. I've been blogging since April of 2006, currently the author of six public and two private blogs. In the beginning I knew absolutely nothing about blogging. Over the years through trial and error, frustration and elation, and a few tears I've learned a lot. However, the learning process when it comes to blogging continues to evolve. Here you will find a hodge podge of my blogging experiences, useful codes and how-tos, sprinkled liberally with my opinions. Enjoy!

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Look Back at Blogging in 2010

My gosh I think blogging in 2010 has been such an interesting but challenging year for me.  As a blogger I gained perspective and the knowledge that I was no longer an inexperienced, new blogger.  I have been blogging since 2006 gradually adding blogs until I now author 6 public and 2 private blogs so blogging is no longer a hobby.  The first part of the year saw me striving to take my blogs a bit further in terms of monetizing.  That meant increasing content across all my blogs so I focused on getting daily content on my 6 blogs.  I was quite successful at this until summer hit then struggled the rest of the year to get back on track.  I managed to maintain daily posts on three of them with fairly regular posts on the other three.  Obviously that will be something I work harder at in 2011. 

Mid-year my most popular blog began taking a slightly different direction in terms of advertising.  I started accepting my first private ads and in October accepted a long term exclusive, advertising contract.  As a result I no longer run Adsense on that blog which in many respects opened up a lot more options for me with that blog.  I'm still enjoying that aspect.  I continue to run Adsense on my other blogs.

I tried a lot of different things to help my blogs over the past year.  Some worked, while others did not.  Overall though, I am pleased with how well my blogs performed over 2010.  I have a lot of ideas for 2011 so am looking forward to another productive blogging year!


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