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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Making an Income From Your Blog

I have noticed a growing trend in bloggers wanting to make money off of their blogs.  Well really in some respects it is a reasonable expectation.  However, a real life  (for lack of a better term) will take a good 3 years to make a profit and likely about 10 years or more to make enough to live off of if ever.  Many bloggers don't understand that the same business principles apply to blogging.  It is an unreasonable expectation to set up a blot expecting to make income enough to retire on.  I should clarify this though, if the blog is part of an actual business as one of my private blogs is, it can bring in a substantial amount of monthly income.  For the purposes of this discussion though, I'm talking about the regular, run of the mill blog looking to make money online.

Blogs can earn two types of income:

  • passive income - Passive income is earned by placing a piece of code on your blog usually advertising like Adsense or a blog advertising widget like Adgitize then leaving it alone and doing nothing further.  Essentially you end up earning a few cents here or there to even a few dollars every month simply by having that code on your blog.
  • active income - Active income is earned by doing something active like clicking on widgets to earn a bit of income from your blog or in direct relationship to your blog.  
Active income strategies such as building traffic to your blog affect not only active income but also passive income.  However, passive income will not affect active income.  In reality if you want to make money from your blogs you really need to generate both forms of income.  As time goes on you may have to rely less on active income but in most cases from what I can see generating income from blogs requires using some type of active measures.


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