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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Should You Care About Where Your Traffic Comes From?

When it comes to blogging the more traffic you can generate the better.  More traffic means a better prospect of increasing readership and subscribers.  If you have monetized your blog it may mean an increase in revenue as well.  So as a blogger it is a good idea to generate traffic to your blog in any way that you can.  In my opinion part of good traffic generation is to use a variety of methods, never relying on one method only for generating blog traffic.  I also think that making an effort to generate traffic should be a daily activity if at all possible.  Notice I said daily not time consuming.  Ten minutes per day working on some type of traffic generation method can have a huge payoff in the end.

I came across a question in one of the forums regarding where traffic comes from.  Should you care about where your traffic comes from?  The simple answer is no.  Traffic is traffic so each and every visit to your blog is a potential loyal reader or subscriber.  The more complex answer is yes.  If any of the following apply to you then yes you will want to know where your traffic is coming from:

  • You are conducting a directed (eg. geo targeted) ad campaign.
  • Blog revenue is based on hits from one particular country.
  • You've picked up a comment spammer or blog stalker.
  • You've started a new traffic generating method so want to track the effectiveness.
  • You are trying to target your blog content to a particular geographical audience.


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