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Friday, January 7, 2011

Blocking Followers

In most cases one goal as a blogger is to gain as many followers as possible.  That is because followers mean loyal traffic.  Sometimes a follower becomes a follower simply to cause problems.  There are a few ways of dealing with including adding a java script or PHP code in your html to prevent the person from viewing your blog.  You need to know their IP address in order to do this.  Unless the follower is really being disruptive there is a simpler way to deter a problem follower in Blogger. 

Beside your blog in the dashboard there is "followers".  Click on the followers link to get to the listing of who is following your blog.  Find the follower you don't want following your blog then click on "block follower".  This will block the member from following your blog using their reader's list in Blogger.  This is not a full block in that the person can use other feed readers to subscribe to your blog, read your posts, and comment.  It just makes them have to go out of their way to get to your blog and sometimes that might be all that's needed to make a problem follower go away.


sixmats said...

The problems with followers I've had are mostly comment issues so I moderate all my comments now. I tried blocking an IP once, but that's an easy workaround if you are blocked.

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