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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Blogger Scheduling Glitch

I have been relying fairly heavily on Blogger's scheduling for pre-scheduling posts while on vacation.  I had a post scheduled to run on January 9, 2010 that for some reason remained in draft mode.  There was no reason for it and as soon as I noticed the problem I clicked publish and it ran.  This is a glitch I've run into a few times.  While extremely irritating the glitch is rather short lived.  This is just a heads up for those who use scheduling in Blogger.  It seems to be a glitch in their auto-save feature.  My work-around solution is to always save the post first before hitting the publish post button.  Then I check under edit posts to be sure the post is set as scheduled not draft.   If it says draft, I go back then hit the publish post button again which usually corrects the problem.


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