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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blogging Gremlins

There are days I am sure blogging gremlins are at work.  They always seem to gang up too.  For example, I may get up knowing I want to get a couple of posts written for one of my blogs but then the blogging gremlins come into play.  My very pissy internet that high price, low quality and goes out if a mosquito flies through the beam starts acting up.  I unplug the modem and wait a good 10 minutes before resetting while I sip on a hot coffee and edit some photos.  I check the connection again and nothing.  This little scenario goes on for most of the morning and sometimes the internet cuts out entirely for a couple of hours.  By now anger is mounting but at least I got a few pictures edited and ready to use for blogging but now temporary blogger's block sets in.  So I head over to do my Adgitize and CMFAds, do a bit of networking and traffic building.  All of a sudden Twitter seems a lot more interesting and there goes the rest of the day.  I sit down in the evening intending to get at least one post done but there's and interesting show on television and by now I'm exhausted.  Then the real estate agent calls wanting to know if she could show the house tomorrow.  I'm back into full gear doing a spit & shine mumbling about my perfect day to get a bit ahead blogging going down the drain and knowing little blogging would get done until after the showing.  The next morning I'm a bit testy when I look out to see about 8 - inches of newly fallen snow which wasn't good for me regardless of how I looked at it.  I continue working on the house when about a half hour from the showing the real estate agent called to rebook for the following day (nice another day messed up for blogging) and the internet was so fickle because there was still a snow flake or two within a hundred miles of the beam.  Finally the internet settled down and Blogger started acting up!   Honestly, blogging gremlins were at work I tell you.  And believe me this all happened to me last week!


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