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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Building Blog Traffic

There are many, many ways to build blog traffic ranging from free to paid.  Some are time consuming due to clicking/dropping while others are rather pain free by simply buying the advertising.  What some bloggers don't realize is:

  • building traffic is hard work
  • building traffic is not simply about increasing visitors to your blog
Building blog traffic is a means to the end.  The ultimate goal at driving any traffic to your blog is retainership.  You are looking for the loyal reader that will come back, visit and comment on your blog regardless whether you are participating in any traffic building program that may have got them to visit in the first place.  Your second goal is blog exposure.  That mean drawing attention anyway you can via text ads, banner ads, badge ads, page views and links.  Exposure is key because the more you get the better the chance of gaining reader retainership. That means if you are using blog advertising of any kind you need to make that advertising aimed towards maximum results. 

Make sure your graphics accurately depict your blog and preferably have your blog name on them.  Animated banners and badges may sound like a good idea but many folks do not like them because they are distracting.  Now this sounds like silly advice but when you ad a graphic for advertising you are asked for a target url.  This is the url that will open when the graphic is clicked.  BE SURE that this url correctly points to your blog url.  Double check it to be sure your blog loads when clicked.

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