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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Check Those Links

I wrote earlier about the importance of checking existing links on your blogs.  The reason for this is urls change and links go dead.  Another reason to check existing links is to be sure they are not directed towards any websites or blogs that Google considers bad neighbourhoods.    It is a good policy to get into the habit of checking each link as you add them to your blog.  Blogger makes this quite easy.

Using Blogger's new editor, highlight the word or phrase you want to turn into a link.  A pop-up box will appear with two choices - website or email.  Click on website the paste or type in the desired url.  Under the box for the url there is a link to test link.  Click on that.  A pop-up will appear to load the link.  If the link loads the site properly you are ready to add that link.  If it doesn't load properly you can go back and check it.  This way you know for certain any links you add in this manner are working when you add them.


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