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Friday, January 14, 2011

Cross Linking

We hear a lot about creating backlinks when blogging and how important it is.  An an author of six blogs the first thing that came to mind as soon as I had more than one blog is to form links between them.  The reasoning for this is my first two blogs were in the cooking and gardening niches that just go nicely together.  I could talk about how to grow a certain vegetable on my gardening blog then by creating a link to my cooking blog where I talked about how to cook or preserve it I could easily avoid redundancy.  Now with six blogs the opportunities to cross link are almost endless because all of my blogs are a reflection of me but what I've found is cross linking between blogs should not be done willy nilly or on every post otherwise Google may view one of the blogs as a supporting page of the first.   It is more effective if cross linking to a specific post in the other blog as well.  It is better to lightly pepper the cross linking throughout your blogs.  I use cross linking only when appropriate and surprisingly not as often as I could but I find it rather effective at drawing traffic from one blog to another. 


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