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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Devaluing Your Readers

I visit a fair number of blogs on a daily basis.  The past couple of days I have noticed a horrid trend with some bloggers.  They have essentially turned their blogs into a huge billboard for a particular fruit juice that is holding some type of contest.  There is copious advertising for this fruit juice.  There's paid posts about this fruit juice.  Even their backgrounds have been changed to show multiple copies of the fruit juice logo and the logo added to their header.  It doesn't help that the primary colour is almost a neon orange that is more than rude on the eyes.  Talk about devaluing your readers!

Many bloggers have advertising on their blogs but nowhere near this extent.  I find it quite distasteful to the point they have lost me as a reader.  I will also be blocking their ads from running on any blog advertising networks I use.   Now it takes a lot for me to get to this point but when I see something like this, I don't ask questions, I just act.  I would hazard a guess that these bloggers will be losing a few readers as a result.  Oh and I won't be buying that juice either!


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