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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Get Ahead Blogging Days

When I first started blogging in the spring of 2006 the idea of setting a schedule for writing blog posts was the furthest thing from my mind.  The reality was and still is I am home most days so can fit writing blog posts in whenever I need a break from other household activities.  I now author six blogs so ideally I should be writing six posts daily if I want new posts each day.  However, it doesn't work that way.  Instead I rely heavily on pre-scheduling post to run as desired.  The reason for this is some days I don't write any blog posts at all.  I may not write any blog posts for two or three days in a row.  Then there are the get ahead blogging days.

Get ahead blogging days are those days when I can write several posts to be scheduled.  These are the days I'm on a roll so I may write all of the Kitchen Quick Tips and/or Wordless Wednesday posts for the month and even the following month.  What happens is as these 8 to 16 posts are scheduled the list of scheduled posts on my post list for each blog grows which triggers that additional feeling that encourages writing another couple of posts to fill in a blank or two.  Before I know it I've written a few more posts.  It's as if seeing the growing list of posts scheduled to run spurs me on.  These are the productive writing days!  The get ahead blogging days help me enjoy the days I don't write any blog posts.


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